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CEN is a market leader in stimulating carbon reduction, alleviating fuel poverty and facilitating environmental improvement.

Established in 1997, CEN was set up as a not for profit company - Croydon Energy Networks - to demonstrate that environmental business can deliver long-term sustainable growth. With now over 80 employees we think this has been a successful demonstration.

By 2000, CEN was re-launched as Creative Environmental Networks to reflect the growth opportunities in the environmental sector.

Since then we have successfully delivered high quality programmes for local and regional government, housing associations, businesses and consumers.

In recent years we have restructured to form a group of companies, separating our profit making activities from the not for profit. Our core aims have not changed, but we now have more resources to support fuel poverty alleviation and carbon reduction.

In 2010, to continue our success and support further growth CEN merged its activities with Climate Energy, an award winning multidisciplinary energy agency.

Climate Energy Holdings (CEH) Ltd manages a group of companies which deliver high quality programmes from simplest advice to homeowners, through to building complex funding solutions; and provides a wealth of experience in energy efficiency and sustainable energy solutions.

Climate Change Capital, a major investment manager and advisor specialising in the global transition to a low carbon economy, is the major shareholder in CEH Ltd.

We continue to be a thriving and sustainable business committed to innovation contributing to carbon reduction in the domestic, commercial and public sectors.

Our commercial activity underpins and supports the alleviation of thousands of households from fuel poverty and promotes wide access to least costs solutions to reducing carbon.

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